SEO Copywriting – What Is It

The last few years has seen a big increase in demand for SEO copywriting. This is because SEO friendly articles are one of the best ways to get your website doing well in the search engines which is what most website owners want. It is like killing two birds with one stone when you combine SEO efforts and copywriting.

What Is The Difference Between SEO Articles/Blog Entries And SEO Copywriting

To be quite honest a lot of SEO articles that are written are of very poor quality. Quite a high number will have grammatical and spelling mistakes and even worse is the fact that there is a high number of them which will be of absolutely no use to the reader as the content is so poor. These articles have been written for the search engine and not the reader; unfortunately it is the humans that end up reading them.

SEO Copywriting means writing articles to generate interest in a product or service while still trying to use SEO tactics. These articles will be interesting for the visitor to your site as well as being search engine friendly. Even though the article might not be convincing enough to get the visitor to purchase the product or service, it will at least be providing the visitor with some relevant information.

Lately more and more articles which are written are not done so purely for their SEO friendliness. Although you may have to pay slightly more for SEO copywriting, it may be worth it because it will help you to increase your sales. Poorly written SEO articles just makes a company look amateurish and possibly illegal. You might be able to fool an SEO engine into ranking something high in the results temporarily but the customer always has their say in the end. For the future of advertising on the internet, you really should look at SEO copywriting.

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