Matt Mullenweg on the State of the Word 2012

Just watched Matt Mullenweg and The State of the Word 2012,

very cool, about 50 min. but the main topics are: site:
Log-in and show favorite plugins
Make the Plugin directory more Amazon-like
Show reviews of plugins with stars at different levels
and let plugin authors respomd to the reviews

Dashboard/ UI:
More of the front-end editing of your blog like with the
custom header, background, color, etc. editor

Facts about WP:
Approx 44,000,000 downloads over the last year
Twenty-Twelve theme coming in 3.5
3.5 to be delivered on Dec 5th 2012

New features coming soon
Support for the Retina Macbook
New NUX – New User eXperience screens
New Media upload tools to be able to upload galleries
that are not attached to a post
New tab on called “Get Involved” and links to all the*** -collaboration pages
“Feature Parity” between &
New features for Jetpack namely: email subscriptions, post by email,
publicize and stats
Blog reader interface when you open or create a blog on works on desktop
and mobile and soon to iPad

More Facts:
5,000,000 downloads of the mobile apps for WP and the tablet interface is getting
more work
More people taking the poll for users of WP 27,000 and two thirds of them
66% of users state they use it as only a CMS and not a blog platform
Client types vary with small biz and individuals making the most of the userbase
Non-profit, gov. and education sites next then large biz and enterprise
coming in last
20,000/27,000 people surveyed making their living from creating wordpress sites
Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones use WP for their sites
16.7% of the top 1,000,000 websites are on WP

Whats Coming:
Looking to the future of WP as an App engine and ultimately a mobile UI
Better media tools, More timely releases with 3 releases a year,
Better User Interface, More Community Summit attendance, Smart Iteration, Updates,
Updates, Updates, in the background like how Chrome does and not having to think
whether or not you are on the latest release, Choosing to NOT Update WP from
within your host on sites that use the 1-click install
Make WP more Newbie friendly with user functions available according to skill
“Start writing your first post in our redesigned post editor and venture to the full-screen button in the editing toolbar to enter the new distraction-free writing or zen mode, my personal favorite feature of the release(3.2)” -Matt M.

Lower the Attricion rate for WP
Real-Time Editing for those who collaborate on sites like on Google Docs

I think that the State of the Word is looking bright and so is the future of everything WordPress.

If you are not currently using WordPress to build your website or have not even considered making a site because maybe you thought it was beyond you, then think again my friend, because you can do it!

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Video Website all about WordPress

I’ve found a great resource for you in the WordPress arena, it’s called and they have loads and loads of detailed videos all about using WordPress.

I am a converted user of WordPress because it is so damn fast to build a website and get it found by loads of folks looking for the type of content you write about or deliver in many different ways. This website is just the help some people are looking for to show them how to do the things they see on other websites using the WordPress platform, I’ve just read somewhere that WordPress 3.1 is being downloaded at a rate of about 4 downloads / second!

As you can see hopefully, from the video I’ve placed above, you can embed these videos directly into your own website to help your visitors better understand the discussion you are presenting or if you want to show them easily how-to do a specific thing with WordPress.

This is more or less the same as copying a video from YouTube and embedding it in your website, but with a little different sharing choices.

This video website will be extremely useful for those who are just starting out with WordPress and also those more familiar with it too.

Take a look for yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find there!

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Upload file already online to your server

Cool Windows Hack to Upload A File From Someone Else’s Server to Yours –courtesy of LifeHacker

When You want to Upload a file that You find on say Flickr and want to put it into your blog or website and want to do it quickly without having to first download it to your PC and then upload it to your webspace through the upload dialogue box from the place on your computer where you downloaded to.

This little “Trick” will save some time when time is of the essence;

When you know where the file is located “Online” and you are sure that it is within the Terms of Copyrights, save the address of the file and then while the address is still in your clipboard or copied to a notepad file or similar – go to the upload page where you want to make the file part of your files on your server and click “Upload File”.

When you are presented with the dialogue box to find the file on your PC all you need to do is paste in or type the address of the file on the website where you found it. Then it will transfer the a copy of that file from the server where it is originally located to your server, using your PC as the “Go-Between”, how cool is that?!

I have not had the chance to ask anyone with a Mac or a Linux user if the same trick will work for them, but would love to have someone verify that for me. So, if you are a Mac or Linux user and care to give it a shot and let us PC users know if it is universal as far as OS goes, I’d love to hear from you!

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WordPress has evolved

WordPress has evolved and is now in 3.0 for 2010 and is called “Thelonious”, there are many changes to be looked at, especially if you are already a WordPress User! If not, then see why you should be using it.

The most important change that you will want to know about is that of the default theme. It has been redesigned and it’s not some plain old design like the previous Kubrick Theme, no this new theme looks and feels new and that’s probably why it’s called 2010 and also to keep the design fresh it will be more imbarassing to have the 2010 Theme running on a blog when it is 2015. There should be a new default theme every year from now on.

You can now run one blog with WordPress or 100 or 1000 or as many as you wish from this one interface, because of the integration of WordPress and MU or multi-user, it is commonly used for where it serves many millions of hits on many millions of blogs every day, previously a plugin, it is now built-in.

They have integrated the custom header to work on each post or page, so that now you can have a new and different header image on every post or page that you create, cool! Your background can now be customised to have an image or plain colour and also have it centered or tiled.

Menus have been redesigned and now actually dropdown, the no.1 requested feature for a CMS theme. The menus are also able to be moved around where you want them to be with the introduction of the Menu Editor.

Another New feature is they have added custom post tables, introduced to let users create custom elements for each post like, Podcasts, Chats, Video and of course Photos and maybe Quotes; see – to find the lowdown on this cool feature.

Inside the post editor there is the added feature of Shortlink editor, so that all you need to do is connect with your shortlink site, click a button and create your shortlinks on the fly within the post editor.

There is also something called Custom Taxonomies, what are they? They are a way to group things together like; posts, tags, names, categories, etc…

Finally, You can now Post by eMail which was only available on before. So, loaded with this cool information I have resolved to “Upgrade to WordPress 3.0” and with a little determination and available time I should have the

upgrade completed within a week. I must make sure that I have the time to complete the change-over and make all my BACKUPS, so just in case I make a blunder or my browser crashes or some other unexpected bug comes along, I’ll have time to deal with it there and then.

Watch the videos below to get a better understanding and more detailed look at what WP3.0 has to offer,

the first video is just over 3 min. and the second is the 2010 State of the Word speech at WordCamp San Francisco featuring Matt Mullenweg and is almost 1:15 min.,  so you can just let it load and then skip through if you are short on time or play it and listen to it while you are browsing.

Thelonious is what I’ve been waiting for, it encompasses all that I could have asked for in a Blog/CMS platform and more. See what you think and let me know your comments on weather or not you agree.

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