QR code means Quick Response code-Do You Need Them?

I have been reading loads about this QR code technology recently and the more I find out, the more information I’ve been looking for.

What is a QR code? Simply put, it means Quick Response code. You may have seen them and not taken any notice, or maybe you thought what the heck does that do?

You should be thinking about ‘How to get QR codes working for me and my business’, because they are the coming storm along with all the mobile devices that are taking over the world!

Here is the 2D QR code for the Download page on this website:
they’ve been used widely in Japan for many years, because that is where they were first developed and used to full effect, so much so, they are as common there as the blue underlined hyper-link we are all used to using and seeing in the West.

You will see these codes in magazines, on envelopes and parcels, on products like canned drinks, packaging, on television, online, and in store windows, just to mention a few of the places you might find them. To get a QR Code reader you can visit this URL http://percentmobile.com/getqr with your mobile device.

They are your best friend when you are targeting the 30% of consumers (and growing) in the USA that have access to this technology with their mobile devices. The best part is, if you use them to direct customers/prospects to your offer, you are not having to teach these users how to use these to get to where they want to be.

The Big marketing giants like Amazon and eBay, Google and many others have been using them for a long time.

People already know how to use them! In 2010, eBay reported that mobile users had spent 3 times more than in 2009 to the tune of $2B (two billion dollars) according to Forbes Jan. 5, 2011. Amazon is experiencing the same type of trend.

I am checking out several different apps to create these 2D codes and there are some good and some not-so-good, so I will be posting about the ones I find that seem to fit into the good category.

Keep an eye out for my updates about this exciting technology that will soon become everyday use for you and your business.

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