Using Website Analytics For Mining Your Data

You can use Analytics or Insights or Statistics to find out how visitors are using your website. How they might be just hitting your website, taking a first look and clicking on the back button or just closing the page and NEVER returning.

Of course, your visitors may be loving what you made available for them to consume and in this case you really do want to know how they are consuming it.

Here is a quick slideshow to give you more of an understanding of just what is involved in accessing that information.

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WEB Analytics – Data Mining – MIS – eBusiness website
by Jyotindra Zaveri

WEB Analytics – Data Mining – MIS – eBusiness website

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If you are trying to figure out if your website is doing the job that you intended, then it is a good idea to get as much information about your sites and profiles as you can.
Most analytics software is available for free and easy enough to use even if you’ve never tried to use it before.
I use Google Analytics for my sites and then for sites like Facebook and LinkedIn there are the ones they supply, they are easy to see and understand and invaluable to your business.

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