Web Hosting companies are not created equally

Your host is probably one of the most important parts of your online presence. But how many people choose to host their websites on a platform that just does not measure up to their expectations.

My guess is millions. What is the reason for the bad choice? Well, many folks just do not know what to shop for when they are wanting to put a website online.

Most likely, they are more concerned with getting a place online and trying to get traffic to that place that they never even give any thought to the hosting company. Never any consideration to what they will do for you and more importantly, what they just plain don’t do.

It was the same for me and not just on one occasion. I have been on the short end of the stick many times and always vowed never to get a crappy web host again, so why did I?

To be totally honest, it was just one factor that I was giving priority to and that was the cost. Sure, I was concerned with whether they were going to let me have enough space and bandwidth to host more than one site on there.
I was concerned with the fact that I needed an easy to use control panel like CPanel and that they supplied the code stuff like WordPress and shopping cart code that was easy to set-up.

So, what is so bad about looking at my choices in this way?
When your priority is: how much is it going to cost for a year’s hosting, then you are committing a big mistake. The reason being is this, there are several companies that will give you cheap hosting and not only that, they will supply an easy to administer dashboard like vDeck or CPanel, but they limit you in a lot of other ways, too many to list here.

That is why you should make your decision based on a number of factors and not letting cost be the priority in the final decision.

Here is a list of the Top 5 priorities for choosing a host that will be used to serve more than one domain, preferably more, and for being easy to the install scripts (WordPress, etc.) that could be a burden to install from just uploading by File Transfer Protocol (FTP):

  1. Reliability and uptime
  2. Bandwidth Allowance
  3. Unlimited SQL Databases
  4. Updated PHP processor module
  5. Trustworthy Help with chat and phone access

Please note that these are my own priorities which have been chosen after several years of cheap hosting companies taking advantage of the fact that some folks (like me) simply will not do the  required research into what it means to be a good web host. 

If you are just interested in getting a website up and running in minimal time with little fuss and you are not planning on getting any visitors other than the ones you tell to go there, then by all means get the one that costs the least and looks nice and shiny!

I am not going to recommend any host in this article because it would be useless without first knowing what your requirements are. Just remember, to save a lot of time (time=money) and bad feelings, it would serve you better to shop around and do some reading from trusted sources.

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7thDwarf is Back Online

7thDwarf  Gold is now back from the depths of obscurity as we have had to move to a new hosting service and get everything all working again, ugh!

Well, it hasn’t all been fun but it has been games. The transfer to the new server was pretty smooth, as it should be by backing up all my files and then saving them to my computer. Then setting up a new Host and transferring the files by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to the new host along with the database backup that I have created and sent to my email account on a daily basis.

Sounds all very straightforward and it was, then I clicked my bookmark to open the Admin screen of the blog and NOTHING! Nothing but a page stating that there is no index page or home page or something like that. What! All my files are there, I just saw them on the server and all the links in the configuration file are now pointing to the new server and the database has been checked and rechecked and and and, aahhhhh!

Well then, I must not have something linking properly, what could it be? I know, go check the domain manager and make sure that the DNS  changes (A DNS change allows you to change your Domain Name Server settings for your Domain Names) have been saved and are valid.

Yup! Now open up a chat with support, (They are really great!)  now explain what has been done by me and what I expect to see and what I do actually see.

So, Support go through all the details from my explanation and can see nothing out of the ordinary, it must be that the DNS changes haven’t taken effect yet. Support suggest that I wait until the changes have been given enough time, anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, great!

Wait… Wait… Wait…

72 hours plus and no 7thDwarf blog what the??

Get back in touch with Support! (really good service, I mean it) Tell them what I’ve been doing as far as making changes to the files to get something to happen, and they take a look at how I’ve got the domain pointing manager setup and BINGO!

Yes, IT WAS ME, I did it!

Now we are back online, we need to get a few more links working with some of the internal website functions like email and others so please know that this all getting done in the background and will be all sorted out by the end of the week, hopefully.

In the meantime, if you’ve left a comment and cannot see it or anything else looks wrong  on the site please let me know and I’ll get it put right as fast as possible, thanks.

I’ve got some new downloads and some cool websites I want to tell you about over the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned and I’ll get it all posted as fast as I can.

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Advice For Choosing Free Web Hosting

There are plenty of things that we can get for free on the internet nowadays because of the growth of the web; and who could argue that it is nice to get something for nothing. If you are looking for web hosting for your website then you will be able to find plenty of free options. However the saying ‘all that glitters is not gold’ is worth keeping in mind in this case. If you want to make sure that the free web hosting service that you do choose is not going to damage your website then the tips below should help.

– The best thing to do when it comes to free web hosting is to make sure you do your research and have a good look around. The free options cover a wide range from very good to dreadful. And unless you know what it is you are looking for, you may well end up choosing a bad service. It really is worth taking the time to do a bit of research so that you can be sure to get a good service.

– When it comes to web hosting review it is not a good idea to rely too heavily on them. Many web hosts actually write their own reviews or pay someone to write them for them. The reviews can be helpful but you need to make sure that you are not depending on them too much. If a wide range of people are giving good reviews then this can be a good omen.

– Make sure you understand about web hosting storage space and bandwidth before choosing any free option. The best way to ensure that your visitors get the most from your website is to ensure you are choosing a web host which can offer reasonable amounts of bandwidth and storage.

– Before you sign up for anything, you want to find out how you are expected to pay for this service. You are not going to have to pay money for a service like this but you could be asked for another form of payment such as having ads placed on your site. Make sure that the price you will pay will be something you are happy to live with.

When you decide to go into internet marketing, you should make sure that you have cheap web hosting dealt with beforehand. Newbie’s can find, though, that the web hosting world can be rather confusing. An example of this could be coming across domain names while searching different options.

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Upload file already online to your server

Cool Windows Hack to Upload A File From Someone Else’s Server to Yours –courtesy of LifeHacker

When You want to Upload a file that You find on say Flickr and want to put it into your blog or website and want to do it quickly without having to first download it to your PC and then upload it to your webspace through the upload dialogue box from the place on your computer where you downloaded to.

This little “Trick” will save some time when time is of the essence;

When you know where the file is located “Online” and you are sure that it is within the Terms of Copyrights, save the address of the file and then while the address is still in your clipboard or copied to a notepad file or similar – go to the upload page where you want to make the file part of your files on your server and click “Upload File”.

When you are presented with the dialogue box to find the file on your PC all you need to do is paste in or type the address of the file on the website where you found it. Then it will transfer the a copy of that file from the server where it is originally located to your server, using your PC as the “Go-Between”, how cool is that?!

I have not had the chance to ask anyone with a Mac or a Linux user if the same trick will work for them, but would love to have someone verify that for me. So, if you are a Mac or Linux user and care to give it a shot and let us PC users know if it is universal as far as OS goes, I’d love to hear from you!

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A Review of Affiliate Silver Bullet

You’ve likely seen those advertisements for products that promise to make you hundreds of dollars without you having to do a bit of work. Well, The Affiliate Silver Bullet Program is not like any of these systems. The only finger you’ll have to lift is the one that you use to sign up to become a member of this system. Joking aside, the user doesn’t have to do much work and that’s why people buy the Affiliate Silver Bullet program, which offers an automated multi-income streamed system. However, is the program everything the sales page promises? That’s what we wanted to know. Read this complete Hostgator Review here.

The good news is that the Affiliate Silver Bullet program pretty much hands you a ready to go affiliate marketing business. You’ll already be familiar with the set up of this program if you’ve ever heard of Clickbank Pirates. These two programs are very similar. For those who are new to internet marketing, this program is a pretty good idea. All it takes is opening the box and plugging it in and then you simply wait for it to make money for you. Instead of wasting a lot of your own money on education, you can study the methods used by the program to learn more about how affiliate marketing should be done.

You get not only pre-made websites, you also get pre-made content pages. Every salesperson knows that, to make a sale, you must give something away free. With the pre-made content pages, you give some information away for free, but you no longer have to decide how much to give away. The professionals have done the job of deciding how much to give away, since all the pages are already created. All you have to do is decide to use the pages. Are you looking for a great deals on Hostgator Coupon?

The squeeze pages you get with your Affiliate Silver Bullet program consist of video pages. When it comes to affiliate marketing, this is a very good thing. Most people like to see how things are going to work before they buy them. You don’t have to make your own videos as the videos on these sites illustrate the products you’re selling. The videos are produced and coded into the sites for you. Many internet marketers find that, instead of text or writing, videos are much more effective at selling their products. The videos are very well done and are of top production quality. This will lend credibility to your site.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of getting started in internet marketing. It is a great way to earn money while working on your own products. With Affiliate Silver Bullet, you can simultaneously make money while also learning the finer points of making money online. Nobody said you couldn’t learn while you earn.

Paypal is the faster, safer way to send on the internet.

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Link Building And Parasite Hosting

In these tough economic times parasite hosting can allow you to get one way back-links to you web site for free, reaping the SEO benefit, without spending a dime. This method can be very effective and the price is definitely right. On this page you will find out what parasite hosting is and how to get the most out of it when link building for SEO. I want you to be confident that you can learn seo.

Parasite hosting is the fancy name coined for web sites that allow you to build blogs, web pages or even web sites for free. There are literally dozens of these sites out there and some of them have extremely high page rank, as high as 8 or 9. Now that doesn’t mean the blog or page you put up will have that page rank but it will still look good to Google and the rest of the search engines. They consider this as “being in a good neighborhood”.

I have no doubt you already know some of these web sites and just did not know they were considered parasite hosts. Does WordPress or Hubpages ring a bell? You may not have heard of others like Xanga or Wetpaint but they are also high PR sites that you can use to build quality one way back-links to whatever page of your site you wish. Just do a search for free blog or top free blogs and you will find a bunch of them.

By putting a free blog on one of these parasite hosts you can get great SEO benefit. what you need to do is post content that is related to your market and place one or two anchor text links to your web site within that content. Remember though that to get the most bang for your buck (even though it’s free) you need to use content relevant to your niche.

If you do not know how to make an anchor text link don’t worry. All these site provide you with a WYSIWYG editor to build your blog with. Simply highlight the text you want to use for your anchor text link, click the chain icon, put in the address to the page you want to link to and you’re done.

You can really ramp this up and give your web site even more SEO impact by building several of these free blogs into a link wheel. What’s a link wheel you ask? It simply means linking several sites together in a chain, the last site linking to the first. This really increases the link juice you are passing on to your main site. But why stop here? Build a second link wheel that has links going to the first one. Your imagination and creativity are your only limitations.

The next thing you will want to do to really turn up the link juice is to use social bookmarking on all the free sites you create. By doing this the links going from these free sites to your main web site will give even more SEO benefit.

You should now have a good understanding of what parasite hosting is. As you have seen there are many ways to take advantage of free blogs and web sites to build links for SEO and increase the rankings of your web site. That only leaves one thing, get out there and start building links. We have only scratched the surface of search engine optimization here in this post. To get the best seo course go to that page now.

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