Odiogo will read it

If you are a regular reader of this site then you will probably have noticed that I’ve added the new ODIOGO Button to the posts, so when you go to read the articles from now on, you will have the option to ‘just listen’ instead.

Odiogo have created a really cool add-on for your blog that just plugs right in and goes to work right away converting all your written text to audio as an mp3 file that you can just click on the button or download from a few different hosts to make it easy to get any articles you may have missed or wish to listen to later.

When all your posts or articles have been converted, they will then be stored for you by Odiogo (pronounced – audio go ) in a RSS feed that anyone can then access and download the mp3 files to their favourite mp3 player like iTunes or Juice, Zune and also Feed readers like Google, myYahoo, myMSN, myAOL, netvibes or newsgator.

All you need to have is a WordPress blog and you’re good to go, just click on over to Odiogo’s website and sign-up for an account which is free and only takes a minute to get one. Once you’ve got the Odiogo Feed ID, you just need to get the plug-in from their plug-in page and upload it to your WordPress plugin folder.

When you have it in your plugin folder, just activate it and then take a look in your Settings panel on the left side of your admin dashboard and click the “Odiogo Listen Button” link and you’ll find the simple settings that need to be done.

  • Your Odiogo Feed ID: This is the ID number you signed-up for previously, just enter it here.
  • Odiogo Update Service: Notify Odiogo servers when you write a new post (It’s highly recommended to enable this option for faster availability of the audio files of your site)
  • Safe Include: Enable safe include for custom WordPress template (It’s important to enable this option if you’re using a custom WordPress template which does not call wp_head or wp_footer. If unsure leave this option enabled.)
That’s it!
All you need to do now is give it about an hour and you will have all your posts or articles converted to mp3’s which can then be listened to on your site and downloaded from a number of different hosts, how cool is that and you didn’t even have to speak one word of it.

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Review Of ‘VoxFlair’

Voxflair by Omar Martin and J.I.Starr is like having a voice-over artist a web editor in your PC.

What you get here is complete training on how to put audio and video together in a way which professional voice-overs “Enhance” your marketing videos – from a library of over 500 marketing related clips, match your video with an appropriate audio loop and then edit them together, stick it on your website or sales page or wherever you need to increase conversions!

All with no giant cash investment of hiring professional voice talent and securing non licensed music and searching for the way to put it all together and upload it to your website. They are giving away 35 introductory flairs for signing up for their prelaunch in February of 2010 at http://cli.gs/VqrsXW – these universal flairs are specifically designed to work with any product.

It truly facilitates the entire process of “pre-production” by taking you step by step through the procedures via screencapture and videos. The product also includes very important content on how to record for yourself and making sure that you know all the basic steps required before opening the microphone or turning on the video camera. This is all presented in multiple videos that really detail ‘Each Step’ so that you never get that common “OK now I’m really lost, I’ll probably try again later” feeling that is common with other ‘How-to’ programs when they EXPECT you to know a certain amount first!

The training is done by both Omar Martin and J.I.Starr and includes both detailed videos and screen capture. Not only that, but this product is backed by Mike Filsaime, so you know it means quality! Voxflair is an innovative product that I believe can and will be used by a variety of people, not just those who are already ‘Earning Loads’ online. Some of which include marketers that for various reasons do not want to voice their own audio or do not want to be in front of a camera. Let’s face it, some people just don’t want to be on film.
Or maybe you’re fine being on camera, but you want the impact of a professional voice over artist to introduce your video! Maybe you have a thick accent?

You can grab this product and produce a clean clear professional sounding clip in a matter of minutes, and you do not have to be the most technically inclined to grab, cut, paste and  upload.  In all honesty, this one gets 5 Gold Bars from me and I hope it’s still free when you read this so you can run over and grab a copy of the free flairs to see what all the fuss is about right here http://cli.gs/VqrsXW . Go get some flair for yourself!

I highly recommend VoxFlair

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