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Santa Claus with smoke encircling his head from his magic pipe
Santa Claus



Get the new Android App for the Free Letter From Santa!

We have just had an android app made to make the process of getting your free letter even easier!

Download from here:

Free Letter from Santa Download Android App



Santa’s Classic Christmas Tales

Santa’s Classic Christmas Tales Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD for You to read at bedtime to Your Children. I would suggest that you find the story which you choose to read and select all the pages in the story by using the print function from the file menu in Acrobat Reader and choose the “Pages” radio button from Print Range and type in the page numbers ie. 218-233, See the Example below

Adobe Reader Print Function
Adobe Reader Print Function

Here are some colouring books for you to download and print for your kids. Christmas_Coloring_Pages Xmas-Coloring Xmas-Coloring Coloring Coloring

[freeultimate_video 2 /]

More to come soon!

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