Review of Pear Analytics Website Analyzer

How good is your SEO and how do you know?

Just when I thought I was getting my blog and other sites optimized for the search engines so they could see what I wanted them to see, I ran across this website 
and I glad that I did.

What I found there was information that I was assuming (you know the meaning of assume, right?) that I had taken care to get all the things like Load Times and Meta Description, Keywords and the other things like valid CSS and HTML etc. working the way that would be candy for the the Goog and the rest of the search engine community.

Boy, was I wrong! Somewhat.

Here is a screenshot of the results page that really opened my eyes:

It turns out that I was just driving blind and in my ignorance I have been losing traffic to my site and not just this one either, so I will be spend some time rectifing these points and hopefully be in the position that I “thought” I was in before I found Pear Analytics and their Free SEO analyzer.

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