Use Twitter to Get More Online Traffic

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Twitter is pure gold when it comes to marketing, which is why you shouldn’t abuse it any way. Twitter is different, it is a community and requires that you spend the time to establish yourself before being able to market effectively. Many come into Twitter thinking that all it takes is to blast some tweets with monetized links in them. Success with Twitter will require that you be patient, establishing credulity and being a source for interesting and useful info before you attempt to sell. It’s amazing how many people think that Twitter is a pushbutton marketing tool. Also, you will find that people on Twitter won’t follow just anybody. The Twitter community hates spam and will not tolerate it from anyone. Things take time when it comes to Twitter, so be patient and don’t be tricked into using techniques that will damage your reputation because news spreads fast on Twitter and in the internet marketing arena. Erase all of you preconceptions about Twitter and soak in what you are about to read below. Find best dealz on Godaddy Promo Code.

Never be rude, never be harsh; Twitter is all about socializing so present yourself as a nice person. It is inappropriate to exhibit any form of cruel behavior on Twitter; even if someone berates you. When they see anything that offends them, it’s easy to just hit the un-follow button and get off your list. Plus you don’t want to offend people because news spreads fast on social networks. On the other hand, if you act courteous you will welcomed with open arms. Offend people on purpose and you will quickly become a black sheep in the Twitter community.

The second thing you can do to maximize your presence on Twitter is to personalize your profile. Take advantage of your ability to add a personal bio to your page that can be used to introduce yourself and to create interest in you and/or your products. You also have the option to add a custom background to your Twitter page. It’s very easy to do and you can get creative with your new background but I would stick with a logo and maybe some basic business info. Even though there are many services you’ll find online where you can buy quality backgrounds, you can actually do it yourself if you feel the need. Your only aim with this is to create an environment where your followers trust your brand.

Take Twitter for what it is, a social site where people come to socialize and share interests. Find out the current trends among your followers so you know what to share with them. Knowing how to communicate with relevant Tweets will get you recognized and then you start building trust. You will succeed if you approach selling from this different perspective.

Don’t underestimate the power of Twitter because some spammer said it doesn’t work. It’s all about connecting with the community. Follow our lead, we know what works.

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Getting An Offline Local Business Found Online

Many ‘Offline’ local businesses have no idea about how to get found on the internet and even more are not sure if they pay someone to get them ‘Found Online’, if they will actually be receiving a positive return on their investment.

I have been speaking with many small business owners and most are just clueless about what it takes to get found online today. The first thing many of them think is “oh, that’s gonna’ cost some serious money – isn’t it?”.
Well, in a word, no. Not necessarily. There are hundreds if not thousands and yes, maybe even millions of websites available that are able to be used to get your business noticed.

I’m sure you know most of the social sites that are growing in popularity today. And there are many more up and coming social sites that have had users on them for years, which for the most part are specific to a certain area of interest.

If you do a search on our friend Google, for let’s say – business, Norwich, UK – It will return listings of all the most relevant sites and GooglePlaces listings it finds, you then just have to take some action.

Look to see where your business can fit in on those sites as well as making your FREE GooglePlaces Listing optimised for your target market to see about what you offer and where to visit – plus contact information.

You can do a search for classified advertisement websites that are specific to your local area (where you trade) and create some Free listings on those too.

I’ve had comments left on this site about how difficult it can be to get a certain business found online just because they felt that the business in question was in a niche that was difficult to market.

Do you have any videos working to get you noticed on the many different video sharing websites? I know, video is too hard to do or cost too much to get someone else to do it for me!

Well, you are just making excuses, the truth is that anyone with just a small pocket video like a Kodak zi8 or an iPhone or any other half-decent phone can create a video that you can upload to your PC or Mac and with Free software will make it able to be shared ALL OVER THE WEB!

I will no doubt be getting more comments about the false beliefs people have about getting found online when you have a small local business, but I’ll answer them when they are received.

For now please trust that if you have the need to get your business found online, and frankly, who doesn’t, then try some of the tactics listed here and see your results, you may be happily surprised by what happens to your business.

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QR code means Quick Response code-Do You Need Them?

I have been reading loads about this QR code technology recently and the more I find out, the more information I’ve been looking for.

What is a QR code? Simply put, it means Quick Response code. You may have seen them and not taken any notice, or maybe you thought what the heck does that do?

You should be thinking about ‘How to get QR codes working for me and my business’, because they are the coming storm along with all the mobile devices that are taking over the world!

Here is the 2D QR code for the Download page on this website:
they’ve been used widely in Japan for many years, because that is where they were first developed and used to full effect, so much so, they are as common there as the blue underlined hyper-link we are all used to using and seeing in the West.

You will see these codes in magazines, on envelopes and parcels, on products like canned drinks, packaging, on television, online, and in store windows, just to mention a few of the places you might find them. To get a QR Code reader you can visit this URL with your mobile device.

They are your best friend when you are targeting the 30% of consumers (and growing) in the USA that have access to this technology with their mobile devices. The best part is, if you use them to direct customers/prospects to your offer, you are not having to teach these users how to use these to get to where they want to be.

The Big marketing giants like Amazon and eBay, Google and many others have been using them for a long time.

People already know how to use them! In 2010, eBay reported that mobile users had spent 3 times more than in 2009 to the tune of $2B (two billion dollars) according to Forbes Jan. 5, 2011. Amazon is experiencing the same type of trend.

I am checking out several different apps to create these 2D codes and there are some good and some not-so-good, so I will be posting about the ones I find that seem to fit into the good category.

Keep an eye out for my updates about this exciting technology that will soon become everyday use for you and your business.

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Free Slider for Your Website

[SlideDeck id=’678′ width=’100%’ height=’370px’]

Easy to use and quick to learn how to implement into your website or blog, SlideDeck offers a great visual experience for your visitors by allowing you to direct the visitor to the content you choose to “Feature”.

You can choose to download the plugin for WordPress or the jQuery code to add directly to your pages.
SlideDeck was built by Digital-Telepathy while trying to simplify their own message and process, what they came up with is an extraordinary way to get your message understood in a quick, easy and fun way.

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New Version of Firefox Available

Firefox 4.0 is out and you can download it and install over your old version of Firefox Browser. I installed it and have been using this browser alongside Google Chrome and I cannot tell which is faster.

I was having issues with Firefox 3.0 – 3.6, but since then this has not suffered any of the problems that were happening prior to upgrading to Firefox 4.0. My system was crashing the old browser and it was very slow when it did work, the pages could hardly load and then if there were any graphics or video on the page, well, forget it!

My computer is a 64bit Windows 7 build with 4Gig of memory, so I know that it was not that which was having issues, just the old version of Firefox. I even tried to run it in Windows XP mode to see if that might help, but no way man it just had a nervous breakdown.

I converted to using Chrome from Google and am glad that I did as they (Google) have built a great browser and they deserve to be recognized to for that. I won’t go into the severe issues that Internet Explorer has and has had for years, they will never get me to use that piece of crapola again.

It looks as if the new Firefox has taken some tips from Chrome in their building of FF4.0 with the look and feel of Chrome too.

Sync your desktop and mobile using the new feature built with FF4.0, I don’t know about you, but I tend to use a lot of websites that require a login so I don’t want to have to look-up a password on some list buried in a pile on my desk somewhere. So, the sync to mobile is very useful when I’m out of the house and need to login to a page that I never remember the password or username for.

The most important aspect of Firefox is the add-ons like the one below:

Awesome Screenshot – Capture and Annotate by Diigo Inc.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars 81 reviews

83,656 weekly downloads

Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, one-click upload to share.


That’s just one of the thousands of add-ons available from such categories as these:

So, what’s the downside?
Well, I haven’t found a way to import all of my passwords back into FF4.0 from Chrome like I did when I exported them to Chrome From the older version of Firefox. That is the ONLY thing that has kept me from going back to using it fully, so for now I’ll be happy to use both Chrome and FF4.0 and hopefully find a way to get my details imported back into Firefox.

If you happen to know how to do this then please leave a comment below or shoot an email over to me, I will even give you a Free piece of software for your trouble!

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3 Scorching Social Media Advertising Approaches That Work

Social media marketing is getting bigger and bigger because of the increasing influence of sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Because people are now a lot more social on the internet, it is not as hard to seek the attention of a specific group of people. Web surfers are a lot easier to approach today, which means that you no longer have to go through a long process just to get new clients. But in order to use social media marketing to your benefit, you must know how to harness the power of social media sites and use the best strategies. In this article, we will discover three effective social media marketing suggestions that will help to make your online business successful. 

One of the first things that you need to remember with social media marketing is that the core engine that will run your campaign is your target audience. That’s right, the social web is made up of people and if you can give them the value that they deserve you will be able to win them. Quite frankly, your prospective clients will have to trust you before they pay attention to your messages on the social boards, but this will not happen until you give them value that they can believe in. For instance, if your purpose is to get a higher response from your Twitter followers, you will have to give them the best tweets that are just for them. This isn’t an overnight process but will take time before you start to gain the trust of your followers. So overall, you need to understand the value of creating trust by giving value to your target audience in the best possible way.

Secondly, do not forget to do what you should if you want good result. Simply put, make sure that you frequently talk to other members of your targeted group. Don’t forget that people on the internet want to find people that know about their subjects of interest and want to know how others like themselves relate to them too. So the more you talk to the people in your targeted audience, the more targeted customers you will reach in the end. If you’ve got contacts on these social networks, remember that even they have contacts that can become your contacts. So go out of your way and you will get wonderful results.

Sure, there are a lot of people on these networking sites, so be careful that you just don’t blend into obscurity. Be active on the social networks that you’re a member on so that your followers and contacts know that you’re there. You will be more likely to be considered an expert if people see you because they’ll think you’re doing something and making things happen.

In conclusion, from the above article we come to understand the power of social media marketing when it comes to exploring new horizons. What you will be doing is helping to build your business for the long term which is a good thing.  When you are seeking a top choice for proven internet marketing and advertising, check out – call (407) 876-5771 or view for more information about local search engine optimization, local search engine optimization and SEO Orlando.

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