How to Blog So Your Internet Marketing Business Brings in More Money

If you incorporate blogging into your business you will benefit from it. There are a lot of bloggers but they donâ€t know how to explain it to the average person. They canâ€t break it down to the average person because they donâ€t know how to teach. At first, you will be intimidated and want to give up or donâ€t even start at all. The good news is that, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Here are some tips to use along with your blogging that will make your business strategy even more powerful.

Interact with your blogging community. Readers pay attention to things like how much you interact on your own blog. People are looking for useful information and entertainment while on the internet so donâ€t expect them to contribute to your blog if you wonâ€t even acknowledge them. You do not have to respond to each comment as it is left on your site but it is important that you participate in any conversation that happens in your comments section. Regular participation will show even the quickest passer-by that you are involved in your site and that you care about the people who take the time to contribute.

Allowing your visitors to sign-up to receive your blog posts by email is another way to keep in touch. This is similar to the process of collecting email addresses in order to send out a newsletter. This is much simpler than a newsletter; the only thing that you will be doing is delivering your new posts to their email address. This technique will make it seem like you are going out of your way to accommodate to your readers.

Send an email to visitors that left a comment on your blog. The easiest way to do this is to have a service or program that does it automatically after a comment is posted to your blog. Incorporating a small touch of personalization will work wonders. A You get to flex your creativity when itâ€s time to choose a theme for your blog. If you want a custom theme for your blog, there are plenty of companies happy to charge you a fee to create one for you. If you prefer to get your blog started completely free, youâ€re able to choose between millions of free themes available for download.

Itâ€s easy to find a free template or theme to suit you with so many of them available. If you want a custom built blog, but donâ€t want to pay for it, why not download a free theme and tweak the code a little so it appears unique?

Put up an Opt-In form that your readers can use to give you their e-mail addresses. This is a different technique than sending posts you add to your blog to them: this one allows you to contact them directly and provide useful information or ideas, to survey them, give advice , and a lot more.

You must understand that there are millions of people who turn to the internet in search of answers that they want for whatever reason; you can be the one that helps them solve their problem or answer their question. Furthermore, email marketing can help you grow your business faster than almost anything else available.

There is an infinite amount of ways to sell products and services over the internet. Blogging is just one medium through which you can endear yourself to your prospective buyers and turn a casual viewer into a regular purchaser of your products. Blogging is one of the easiest methods to use to sell online. By following the few tips we provided your blog will be on its way to seeing more profits.Additional Resources:
crowd conversion bonus
crowd conversion

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A Link Building Program Like No Other

Link building and link popularity are an crucial part of search engine optimization. The effort it takes to build good quality links to your website will certainly earn your site a good ranking in the search engines. It is a very essential marketing tool for any website to market products and services. When you increase the number of good quality links to your site, this will improve your search engine rankings

If you can get links from some popular websites, this will really help your site rise to the top of the serps  Link Building is the first strategy that webmasters go for after submitting their site details to search engines. This plays an important role in a website being popular on the web. It is also true that if a lot of websites are linking to yours, you will get lots of traffic to your site. And of course if you have more traffic you will have more money in your pocket.At least that is the general idea most people have .

There are basically 3 ways to build links, reciprocal, one way and three way links. Reciprocal building is an approach that many website owners use. You provide your link and another webmaster provides his link, this helps with the popularity to both sites.

Building one way links is the means you can promote your link to other sites and this is done usually through article marketing or submitting articles to article directories. This is a first-class way to get one way links and improve you search engine rank all at the same time.

Your links must be used properly and should point to relevant information on your website. Make sure you links are creative and attractive rich in your keywords.

The web exists because of links. Strategic Link building is essential for an online business organization to grow and survive. A good strategy will bring lots of traffic to your website and also improve your ranking in the search results. Link building is always important for your site to rank well in the search engines. It is also important in increasing traffic to your site and increasing sales for your business. If done correctly you will have great results. 


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New Google Docs

Google Docs has been improved and is now a very good competitor with the major Offline office suites.

If you are not familiar with what Google Docs are then you are in for a great surprise, especially if you need to share and collaborate Online with colleagues and friends or family. Now you have many features at your disposal to upload, create, edit and share any document from Spreadsheets to Presentations to Word Processed documents and Drawings or Flow Charts etc.

I’ll list some of the features and benefits that make this FREE Service worth using and letting others know about;

  • Upload any file
    Over the next couple of weeks, Google will be  rolling out the ability to upload, store, and share any file in Google Docs, they will be stored in their original format and available for download from anywhere in the world. Uploading files to the cloud allows them to be safely stored and accessible at all times.
  • Bulk upload
    Upload multiple files quickly to your Docs list.
  • Shared folders
    Now you can simultaneously share a group of docs with your friends, coworkers, or family, by sharing an entire folder with them.
  • Export images into .xls files
    Now you can export images from spreadsheets when exporting in .xls format.
  • Email as an attachment
    From the share button you can now email your Google Spreadsheets workbook out directly as an attachment in .xls, .csv, .ods, .pdf and other popular formats. Using the new publishing dialog, it’s easy to get an html snippet, pdf file, or published link.
  • Improved tools
    In documents, theyâ€ve added a margin ruler, better numbering and bullets and easier image placement options document import – real-time editing.
    Collaboration capabilities; support for up to 50 people working together at once – now see other peopleâ€s edits as they happen. Collaborate on flow charts, diagrams and other schematics in real time
  • Tables
    You can now add tables to your Google Docs presentations.
  • Presentations
    Automatically cycle through your slides; You can automatically cycle through slides in presentation mode and enable time delay, autostart, and loop.
  • Drawing Editor
    * Edit drawings in real time and invite colleagues, friends and family to view your edits in real time, online.
    * Chat with those who are editing your drawing, with the sidebar chat facility inside the drawing editor.
    * Publish your drawings as images and share or download them in standard formats.
    * Upload shapes, arrows, text, doodles, and images from other online sources or especially your hard drive.
    * Use alignment guides, snap to grid, and auto distribution to lay out drawings precisely how they should be viewed .
    * Insert your drawings or those from other sources into other Google documents, spreadsheets, or presentations using the web clipboard.
  • Import Word 2007 files
    You can now import Word 2007 files (.docx) into Google Docs.
  • Spreadsheets
    A formula editing bar, cell auto-complete, drag-and-drop columns and other features impossible to create with the older documents editor on older browsers — significant speed and performance improvements.

As you can see, Google have made the changes to their applications that really have a Desktop feel to them while being totally online and not using your hard drive to install programs, we will continue to see more and more apps moving online faster and faster as the technology progresses and soon we will hardly have to install any programs on our “machines” and that will go a long way to making everything more streamlined and faster!

You can get all this for free right now simply by going to Google Docs and if you have not for some reason signed-up for an account (FREE) yet, then when would be a good time?

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How To Have Fun With Your Internet Business Plan

I make the goals in my internet business plan fun to achieve. Let me explain how…

I’ve turned my internet business plan into a game, and I don’t know about you, but I like to win when I play games.

This is a game on a truly global scale.  A game where you are competing with every other website on the internet.  A game where you are really testing yourself.  The only difference with this game is that the stakes are much higher as it will directly affect your income.

I’ve therefore set up a scoring system that relates to the objectives within my plan. You could keep your scores on your computer but I prefer a piece of paper on my desk as a constant reminder of where I’m headed and what I am trying to achieve.

You decide how frquently it is appropriate to record the score – it could be every day or it might be at the end of the month.  Much depends on what you are scoring and how critical it is to your business.  Do this and you will quickly register if something is going wrong in your business.

Here are just a few of the key performance indicators I like to monitor:

  • site ranking via Alexa(- I have the free Alexa toolbar).  So far, within a couple of months, I have improved my ranking from over 600,000 to 363,070 so I am definitely moving in the right direction.
  • by clicking on the Alexa toolbar, I can access the Alexa site for more data- specifically my sites ranking in the UK which is currently 13,881, a massive reduction since inception just a few months ago and far out-pacing many long-established sites.  I find it rather exciting that my site ranks this highly after a relatively short time on the internet.
  • I can also track the number of incoming links to my site which currently stands at a trifling 13.  I have therefore just invested in a programme to boost my link building exponentially (-watch this space!)
  • I am also trailing the activities that render traffic such as:
    • no of articles and blog posts
    • no of videos
    • no of forum and social comments
    • Google Adword stats
    • and so on.
  • all this activity should generate leads, so I am monitoring the number of leads generated weekly
  • the size of my list is also monitored.
  • The number of marketing funnels and the amount of my sales are also scored.

The point about all this is to score those things that are critical to my success.  Then set your benchmarks or goals and plot your strategy for achieving each one.

If you fail with some goals, console yourself by the realisation that you discovered one way of not doing it.  It is helpful to remind yourself that business is a marathon and not a sprint.  You are not beaten until you give up.  So the aim must be ‘never to give up’ and you will eventually win.

Play it like a game, have fun, and you too will find yourself achieving your goals more easily.

I make sure to reward myself when I achieve a goal.  I bask in the glory – it helps me to press on to the next summit.  This is the best way to ensure that you will win the game whatever the odds against you.

I am just having fun taking it ‘higher and higher’ as I build my business.  That’s all there is too it. How about joining me in this great game of ‘Webopoly’? – bet I can beat you! Come on, ‘play up’ and join the fun.

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Link Building And Parasite Hosting

In these tough economic times parasite hosting can allow you to get one way back-links to you web site for free, reaping the SEO benefit, without spending a dime. This method can be very effective and the price is definitely right. On this page you will find out what parasite hosting is and how to get the most out of it when link building for SEO. I want you to be confident that you can learn seo.

Parasite hosting is the fancy name coined for web sites that allow you to build blogs, web pages or even web sites for free. There are literally dozens of these sites out there and some of them have extremely high page rank, as high as 8 or 9. Now that doesn’t mean the blog or page you put up will have that page rank but it will still look good to Google and the rest of the search engines. They consider this as “being in a good neighborhood”.

I have no doubt you already know some of these web sites and just did not know they were considered parasite hosts. Does WordPress or Hubpages ring a bell? You may not have heard of others like Xanga or Wetpaint but they are also high PR sites that you can use to build quality one way back-links to whatever page of your site you wish. Just do a search for free blog or top free blogs and you will find a bunch of them.

By putting a free blog on one of these parasite hosts you can get great SEO benefit. what you need to do is post content that is related to your market and place one or two anchor text links to your web site within that content. Remember though that to get the most bang for your buck (even though it’s free) you need to use content relevant to your niche.

If you do not know how to make an anchor text link don’t worry. All these site provide you with a WYSIWYG editor to build your blog with. Simply highlight the text you want to use for your anchor text link, click the chain icon, put in the address to the page you want to link to and you’re done.

You can really ramp this up and give your web site even more SEO impact by building several of these free blogs into a link wheel. What’s a link wheel you ask? It simply means linking several sites together in a chain, the last site linking to the first. This really increases the link juice you are passing on to your main site. But why stop here? Build a second link wheel that has links going to the first one. Your imagination and creativity are your only limitations.

The next thing you will want to do to really turn up the link juice is to use social bookmarking on all the free sites you create. By doing this the links going from these free sites to your main web site will give even more SEO benefit.

You should now have a good understanding of what parasite hosting is. As you have seen there are many ways to take advantage of free blogs and web sites to build links for SEO and increase the rankings of your web site. That only leaves one thing, get out there and start building links. We have only scratched the surface of search engine optimization here in this post. To get the best seo course go to that page now.

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3 simple steps to install WordPress

Would you like to have your very own profitable blog? How about a blog that only takes 3 simple steps to install, requires No Technical Knowledge and once you done with your clicks – fully configured and customized!?

I’m going to show you how to get this set-up in a very short time frame using an installer made for you that is even easier than using the cpanel install method on most servers.   Do you have 4 minutes to install a fully customized and Web 2.0 enabled WordPress blog? If the answer is yes and you especially don’t want to pay someone to do it for you then keep reading…

I was a bit skeptical myself until I had a chance to try it out personally. It is really a no-sweat process of uploading one file, editing one file and then filling a few blanks on a web form and choosing What Niche you would like to Dominate! But don’t be put off by what may end up sounding a little hyped, it just appears that way on the surface and when you see for yourself when you watch the short video below, it really is that easy!

Get Your Free Installer Here

This entire product is based on the  knowledge and experience of a very successful blogger who is been holding almost the entire first page of Google results for his chosen (and very competitive) keywords for over a year!
All his knowledge and experience were turned into complete Video Tutorials where he guides you step-by-step and makes it a complete no-brainer to install, even if you never created a single page on the Internet!
Add to the fact that a custom script does the full blog configuration and customization based on a few answers you provide on web page and you got a clear winner. You will see in the video how easy it is to create your own database for the blog, even if have NEVER done it before, simple!

But you really must watch the video above that shows you the entire process to understand just how simple it is, I suggest you do it now and make taking action a quality you keep using over and over. Get Your Free Installer Here

Donâ€t forget this one important thing – it is very affordable. I was floored when I saw the upgrade price and my finger was clicking that order button before I even knew it!
And here is the catch (I MUST share it with you, itâ€s that important) – on your first login ONLY you will be provided with an option to upgrade. Please, do not blindly click “no thanks” as it is truly the only time you will see this incredible deal. This step is Totally your choice, but by upgrading you will gain many extras.

If by chance you don’t yet have a host for a website, then there are loads of choices out there to choose from and if you have no experience of website hosting then you may be tempted to go down the route of the FREE HOSTS, and you are again provided with loads of choice here. There is one Major Problem with Free Hosts and that is I have not found one that offers free databases with the hosting. You will need to use a database to set-up any WordPress blog.

I will not go into the debate of which host is better than the others, only to say that the one I use is better than any other I have EVER used and this is the fourth host I have used since starting online in 1998. That said, Hosting have Always answered every single support question that I have had within minutes of my asking and not just to say “Hi, we got your request for support…”, but actually had some concrete action to take to resolve my problem or query! You can even get a great discount by using my special Coupon Code: 7thDwarf when you sign-up!

The people at Expert WordPress suggest using Hostgator and you can as I said before choose which host you like, but I cannot give you a review of them personally.

So, if you have been bitten by the Blog Bug and you can see how easy and fast you can be up and running, just download the Expert WordPress Installer then watch the video again to be able to follow along while you go through the set-up, stopping at each step and maybe rewinding to make sure you’ve done it right (like me!) and before you know it You’re Done!

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