Free Pictures for Your Website

Picture this:

You need to find some free pictures for your website and you have been to all the normal destinations that most folks know about, but the pictures there just were not the right ones.

That same scenario happened to me today while I was updating one of my other websites and it just so happened that I was also looking for some information about changing a part of my WordPress framework and on the codex at the bottom there was a list of five sites that were being linked to for downloading free photos and textures.

One of the links on the list was a link to a website that offers Only Free Images and they are just restricting the way you can offer them to others; No using their images and textures to become a competition with their site, Fair enough I say! All other uses are allowed and you don’t need to give them credit or money for the images either.

So what’s the name of this website you say? Image*After is the name and it looks as if it’s been there for some time, but it still functions flawlessly and I found some great Free Images in their collection.

Image*After also has a forum and there is many posts in there too. So, if you find yourself at a loss to find that perfect image for your next blog post or maybe header image and even a background texture because you thought you looked at them all, well this one is well worth the effort of searching through to find it and for free!

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