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Free Software is always a hit and miss opportunity, some are good some are a complete waste of your time.

Serif software is in the category of good free software and they have been making these titles for quite a few years, over 12 years, at least that is how long I’ve been using their software.

If you are looking for a program or suite of programs that you can use for home and/or small business then you might want to check them out. Watch the video below to get an idea of what to expect when you visit the Free Serif Software website, it is just a couple of minutes long.

The titles available are:

  • PagePlus: Desktop Publishing program with may good features
  • WebPlus: Web design program that is mainly template based
  • DrawPlus: A feature rich Drawing program using Vector based tools and layers with the ability to create 3d and animations and Text graphics
  • PhotoPlus: Photo Manipulation program that lets you use layers and effects similar to Gimp or Photoshop, just not as powerful
  • PanoramaPlus: Stitching Photos together to make panoramic scenes and 360 degree animations
  • MoviePlus: Video and DVD authoring program using multi-track editing, better than Windows(r) MovieMaker
  • Digital Scrapbooking: A Scrapbooking program with design templates or design your own layouts with the tools provided

These programs are Full Working Versions. Serif will require you to register the software with them to unlock it, not much to ask for fully functional programs.

Serif does want you to use the latest versions of their software, but the cost for them compared to something like Adobe programs is very reasonable, not that I am selling these for them, because I’m not.

Bottom line, if you are used to being offered crappy free software and cannot trust the suppliers of those types of programs, then maybe it would be worth a look at something like Free Serif Software.

I stated earlier that I’ve been buying their programs for over 12 years and they always have supplied the best deals compared to others in their field.

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