7thDwarf is Back Online

7thDwarf  Gold is now back from the depths of obscurity as we have had to move to a new hosting service and get everything all working again, ugh!

Well, it hasn’t all been fun but it has been games. The transfer to the new server was pretty smooth, as it should be by backing up all my files and then saving them to my computer. Then setting up a new Host and transferring the files by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to the new host along with the database backup that I have created and sent to my email account on a daily basis.

Sounds all very straightforward and it was, then I clicked my bookmark to open the Admin screen of the blog and NOTHING! Nothing but a page stating that there is no index page or home page or something like that. What! All my files are there, I just saw them on the server and all the links in the configuration file are now pointing to the new server and the database has been checked and rechecked and and and, aahhhhh!

Well then, I must not have something linking properly, what could it be? I know, go check the domain manager and make sure that the DNS  changes (A DNS change allows you to change your Domain Name Server settings for your Domain Names) have been saved and are valid.

Yup! Now open up a chat with support, (They are really great!)  now explain what has been done by me and what I expect to see and what I do actually see.

So, Support go through all the details from my explanation and can see nothing out of the ordinary, it must be that the DNS changes haven’t taken effect yet. Support suggest that I wait until the changes have been given enough time, anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, great!

Wait… Wait… Wait…

72 hours plus and no 7thDwarf blog what the??

Get back in touch with Support! (really good service, I mean it) Tell them what I’ve been doing as far as making changes to the files to get something to happen, and they take a look at how I’ve got the domain pointing manager setup and BINGO!

Yes, IT WAS ME, I did it!

Now we are back online, we need to get a few more links working with some of the internal website functions like email and others so please know that this all getting done in the background and will be all sorted out by the end of the week, hopefully.

In the meantime, if you’ve left a comment and cannot see it or anything else looks wrong  on the site please let me know and I’ll get it put right as fast as possible, thanks.

I’ve got some new downloads and some cool websites I want to tell you about over the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned and I’ll get it all posted as fast as I can.

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