Upload file already online to your server

Cool Windows Hack to Upload A File From Someone Else’s Server to Yours –courtesy of LifeHacker

When You want to Upload a file that You find on say Flickr and want to put it into your blog or website and want to do it quickly without having to first download it to your PC and then upload it to your webspace through the upload dialogue box from the place on your computer where you downloaded to.

This little “Trick” will save some time when time is of the essence;

When you know where the file is located “Online” and you are sure that it is within the Terms of Copyrights, save the address of the file and then while the address is still in your clipboard or copied to a notepad file or similar – go to the upload page where you want to make the file part of your files on your server and click “Upload File”.

When you are presented with the dialogue box to find the file on your PC all you need to do is paste in or type the address of the file on the website where you found it. Then it will transfer the a copy of that file from the server where it is originally located to your server, using your PC as the “Go-Between”, how cool is that?!

I have not had the chance to ask anyone with a Mac or a Linux user if the same trick will work for them, but would love to have someone verify that for me. So, if you are a Mac or Linux user and care to give it a shot and let us PC users know if it is universal as far as OS goes, I’d love to hear from you!

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