Check out this sweet free online game, PacXon

Online games are a wonderful way to pass time and are very much addicting. Play these addicting flash games from work or school at any time. With a lot of genres and kinds of online games, following are the popular games:

Online Games – All of these games can be played straight from your browser. The fact is, most people don’t have time to download games, and opt instead to play them online. Arcade games have become very popular since they don’t require too much time. Quick strategy or arcade flash games offer an escape from the boredom of work or school.

Well-liked Game genres – The shooter genre is extremely popular with online games. These games may be turn based, in real time or even multiplayer. Shooter games allow you to get into battles with opponents using all types of weapons. The object is to stay whilst eliminating all other players. These games usually have multiple action filled stages, getting more exciting as you progress.

Other flash game genres include board games, casino and card games, sports games, and puzzle games.

Play PacXon Game. You must fill empty space and capture ghosts by building a wall. As soon as you fill 75% or more empty space, you will go to the next level. Beware of ghosts because if they catch you, you will lose a life!


Move Left – Left Arrow Key Move Right – Right Arrow Key Move Down – Down Arrow Key Move Up – Up Arrow Key

Just give PacXon and some other Action Flash Games a try. You won’t regret it when you see how easy it is to play free online flash games from your browser.

Flash Online Flash Games are a wonderful way to have fun at any time, from any place, and in any situation. Even from work!

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