WordPress has evolved

WordPress has evolved and is now in 3.0 for 2010 and is called “Thelonious”, there are many changes to be looked at, especially if you are already a WordPress User! If not, then see why you should be using it.

The most important change that you will want to know about is that of the default theme. It has been redesigned and it’s not some plain old design like the previous Kubrick Theme, no this new theme looks and feels new and that’s probably why it’s called 2010 and also to keep the design fresh it will be more imbarassing to have the 2010 Theme running on a blog when it is 2015. There should be a new default theme every year from now on.

You can now run one blog with WordPress or 100 or 1000 or as many as you wish from this one interface, because of the integration of WordPress and MU or multi-user, it is commonly used for WordPress.com where it serves many millions of hits on many millions of blogs every day, previously a plugin, it is now built-in.

They have integrated the custom header to work on each post or page, so that now you can have a new and different header image on every post or page that you create, cool! Your background can now be customised to have an image or plain colour and also have it centered or tiled.

Menus have been redesigned and now actually dropdown, the no.1 requested feature for a CMS theme. The menus are also able to be moved around where you want them to be with the introduction of the Menu Editor.

Another New feature is they have added custom post tables, introduced to let users create custom elements for each post like, Podcasts, Chats, Video and of course Photos and maybe Quotes; see – kovshenin.com to find the lowdown on this cool feature.

Inside the post editor there is the added feature of Shortlink editor, so that all you need to do is connect with your shortlink site, click a button and create your shortlinks on the fly within the post editor.

There is also something called Custom Taxonomies, what are they? They are a way to group things together like; posts, tags, names, categories, etc…

Finally, You can now Post by eMail which was only available on WordPress.com before. So, loaded with this cool information I have resolved to “Upgrade to WordPress 3.0” and with a little determination and available time I should have the

upgrade completed within a week. I must make sure that I have the time to complete the change-over and make all my BACKUPS, so just in case I make a blunder or my browser crashes or some other unexpected bug comes along, I’ll have time to deal with it there and then.

Watch the videos below to get a better understanding and more detailed look at what WP3.0 has to offer,

the first video is just over 3 min. and the second is the 2010 State of the Word speech at WordCamp San Francisco featuring Matt Mullenweg and is almost 1:15 min.,  so you can just let it load and then skip through if you are short on time or play it and listen to it while you are browsing.

Thelonious is what I’ve been waiting for, it encompasses all that I could have asked for in a Blog/CMS platform and more. See what you think and let me know your comments on weather or not you agree.

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