How To Have Fun With Your Internet Business Plan

I make the goals in my internet business plan fun to achieve. Let me explain how…

I’ve turned my internet business plan into a game, and I don’t know about you, but I like to win when I play games.

This is a game on a truly global scale.  A game where you are competing with every other website on the internet.  A game where you are really testing yourself.  The only difference with this game is that the stakes are much higher as it will directly affect your income.

I’ve therefore set up a scoring system that relates to the objectives within my plan. You could keep your scores on your computer but I prefer a piece of paper on my desk as a constant reminder of where I’m headed and what I am trying to achieve.

You decide how frquently it is appropriate to record the score – it could be every day or it might be at the end of the month.  Much depends on what you are scoring and how critical it is to your business.  Do this and you will quickly register if something is going wrong in your business.

Here are just a few of the key performance indicators I like to monitor:

  • site ranking via Alexa(- I have the free Alexa toolbar).  So far, within a couple of months, I have improved my ranking from over 600,000 to 363,070 so I am definitely moving in the right direction.
  • by clicking on the Alexa toolbar, I can access the Alexa site for more data- specifically my sites ranking in the UK which is currently 13,881, a massive reduction since inception just a few months ago and far out-pacing many long-established sites.  I find it rather exciting that my site ranks this highly after a relatively short time on the internet.
  • I can also track the number of incoming links to my site which currently stands at a trifling 13.  I have therefore just invested in a programme to boost my link building exponentially (-watch this space!)
  • I am also trailing the activities that render traffic such as:
    • no of articles and blog posts
    • no of videos
    • no of forum and social comments
    • Google Adword stats
    • and so on.
  • all this activity should generate leads, so I am monitoring the number of leads generated weekly
  • the size of my list is also monitored.
  • The number of marketing funnels and the amount of my sales are also scored.

The point about all this is to score those things that are critical to my success.  Then set your benchmarks or goals and plot your strategy for achieving each one.

If you fail with some goals, console yourself by the realisation that you discovered one way of not doing it.  It is helpful to remind yourself that business is a marathon and not a sprint.  You are not beaten until you give up.  So the aim must be ‘never to give up’ and you will eventually win.

Play it like a game, have fun, and you too will find yourself achieving your goals more easily.

I make sure to reward myself when I achieve a goal.  I bask in the glory – it helps me to press on to the next summit.  This is the best way to ensure that you will win the game whatever the odds against you.

I am just having fun taking it ‘higher and higher’ as I build my business.  That’s all there is too it. How about joining me in this great game of ‘Webopoly’? – bet I can beat you! Come on, ‘play up’ and join the fun.

If you enjoyed this post or found it useful, please consider my Caffine Level - I drink LOADS of Coffee!

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